Keep It Sweet & Simple (KISS), our modus-operandi is set at the following phases: -

1. Preliminary Audit
2. Recommendation
3. Setting Out
4. Completion
5. Review

The Flowchart as attached demonstrate our work flow. Although it may appear to be linear, at any one time we may revisit the same phase again until the job scope has been completed.

Preliminary Audits includes:

BaZi Reading For 2
On Site Audit

Set Key Performing Index (KPI) for:

Personal Development
Conceive of Child
Health Development


Date Time of Birth of Client
Location of Property
Commitment & Participation of Client

Recommendation includes:

Physical Make Over Proposal
Human Actions


Based on the established KPI, established options, constrains and set appropriate datelines
Set milestone for human action
Establish mode of communications & Feedback
Coordination with Design Consultants


Layout or selection proposals
Review of Design Layouts & Recommendations

Setting Out includes:

Alignments for Main Door & others
Date Selections for Commencement of Construction

What We Do:

On Site Measurement and Alignment based on the Agreed parameters
Setting out will be demarcated accordingly
Date Selections will be on-Bloc


Contractors / renovators to presence

Completion Phase includes:

Post Construction Re-Measurement
Date Selections for Moving In
Collaboration with other trades such as Master of Ceremony (Daoist Practice Only)
Review includes:

Q&A via On Site Visiting
Q&A via Email

Set Reviews for:

6 weeks post completion
1 month post completion
6 months post completion
Whichever necessary


Transparency from Client
Measurable Outcomes versus KPI & Milestone
Client’s written Review

Our Fee structure please click HERE.

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