DESTINY IS IN YOUR HAND. It is not cast in STONE. The Ancient Chinese Art of Astrology or BaZi is a MAP of self realization. Contains within are the ROADS specifically tells you WHAT action to be taken. WHEN should it be taken and HOW should it be taken.

In a NUTSHELL this MAP tells you:-

1. Who YOU are – Your DayMaster
2. Why YOU are Born the way you are – Your Structure
3. How do YOU capitalize on your strength and weaknesses – Your Profile

In addition, it also tells you to strategize through: -

1. What is YOUR LONG TERM GOALS – Your Luck Cycle
2. What is YOUR IMMEDIATE APPROACH – Your Annual Luck

No MAN is an ISLAND. This MAP also tells about: -

1. Relationships with OTHERS
2. Career
3. Wealth
4. Health
5. Employee Selections
6. Opportunities
7. Partnership

Our main services are as the followings: -

a. Who YOU are.
b. Why YOU are born the way you are.
c. How do YOU capitalize on your strength and weaknesses.
d. Areas of Career, Wealth, Health and Relationship.
BaZi is a traditional Chinese Astrology derived from the composition of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches to form the 4 pillars of year, month, day and hour, coupled with the dynamism of the 10 years cycle, called luck cycle, would enable one’s destiny to be understood and to allow informed choices to be made pertaining to one’s undertakings.

With this informed choices, one is able to do the right thing at the right time and better of as to better prepared to face any potential challenge during the down time. Better understanding of BaZi enables one to get a head start in one’s life without many hindrances.

a. Compatibility for Couples, Siblings and Spouse.
b. Employee Selections
c. Partnerships

Traditionally practices as soon to be newly weds will have their BaZi read for compatibility purposes. Kindly note, it is not that sort of reading that will foretell how the marriage may be, but rather what are the important milestones to look for in the married lives for the couple, as the saying goes marriages are made in Heaven. In other words the couple will know what is expected of each other and from each other.

Family reading usually is done when the family or one of the family member has crisis over some family related issue liked inheritance and for the purpose of FengShui, buying a new property and so forth.

The success of a partnership begins in Day 1 the partnership is formed. The foundation is on Trust. What is Trust? In simple words, knowing what is expected of you and knowing what you  are expecting from your partners. It is all written in the BaZi.

a. Long Term Goals
b. Annual Forecast
c. FengShui Reading

Luck cycle comes in a 10 years sequence. In another word, it is a reading that will zoom into what the 10 years are going to be for a person in relation to his BaZi chart in terms of Health, Wealth and Relationship. More importantly is to allow the person what to look for when he raises from one stage of adolescence to maturity and old age.

One can easily pick up the annual forecast book from any bookshop. The information are not tailor made to suit you BaZi chart. If the year is in favor of the people who is born in the Tiger year, would all Tiger year people prosper? Think about it...

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